Tuesday, June 17, 2008

fighting kills six in somali capital mogadishu

At least six people have been killed in gunfire and weaponry fighting rocked in Somali capital later Tuesday witnesses said.Three of the deceased people were killed in Labadhagah area close to the main Bakara market while three others died in Sinay village at the same time as four others wounded at the spot after stray mortar landed on their house according to eyewitnesses.
The fighting has started after armed Islamic fighters assaulted at Ethiopian troops newly based at Florence junction in Wardhigley neighborhood in Mogadishu where sudden clash started.
Several missiles that the Ethiopian troops fired From Aslubta military base in Mogadishu also hit in the main Bakara marker although no causalities were reported.
The situation has returned to calm, as the both warred side’s causalities remains unknown.
Else where Ethio-Som troops are stop over in Heliwa district in Mogadishu after they conducted operation in the similar locale today. Also additional minutes lasted fighting has erupted in the vicinity of SOS and Ex control areas later than armed Islamic fighters launched mortars into Ethiopian troop’s army base where sudden fighting erupted.

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