Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kismayo Port Official Gunned Down .Three children killed in Kismayu town attack

Kismayo, - An official working for the port of Kismayo, in Somalia's south, was shot and killed Tuesday by a group of unidentified gunmen, witnesses said. The victim was identified as Mahad Adan Arabey, the treasurer of the port of Kismayo. Two other civilians were wounded in the crossfire when the attackers indiscriminately opened gunfire at a crowded place. The killers escaped immediately. An elder in Kismayo suggested that the late Arabey's murder is linked to a series of "revenge clan killings" that have taken place recently.
Kismayo, the country's third-largest city, .also
Three children killed in Kismayu town attack
Unknown armed groups have killed three young children in an attack was beleaguered on trader’s house in the port city of kismayu on Thursday night residents said.
Several witnesses said that two other children and their mother wounded in that attack.
The motive for the attack is unknown, but the gunmen may have been attempting to kidnap a businessman who was in the area.
Residents in the area where the incident took place said that gunmen had been hanging around all the night, and many people had been suspicious of them.
A witness said he thought the gunmen did not plan to attack the house, but were waiting for a businessman to pass by in the hope of kidnapping him.

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