Sunday, August 16, 2009

Troops Re-Enter Gedo Region of Jubbaland State of Somalia , Al Shabaab jehadist Retreat

JUBALAND troops with moderate pro-government Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamea sect along with the Somali government troops have reportedly re-entered parts of Gedo region jubbaland jubaland state of somalia Pro-gov't forces seize southern Somali town from Islamist insurgents‎ The pro-government forces in Somalia on Monday captured the southern border town of Beled Hawo from the Islamist insurgent group of Al-Shabaab, forced jehadist administration still remain in control ,. Gedo's regional capital garabahay and bardeere and luuq ,Somalia guerrillas ordered an around-the-clock curfew, which started midday Sunday, residents said.The insurgents jehadist retreated from at least three districts in Gedo region, Trying to Make a Stand ,the town of bardrere .Col. Warfa Sheikh Aden spokesman for jubbaland state of somalia army , a Somali militia commander, told the media that local clan militias had taken over the districts without a fight.He denied media reports that Ethiopian troops were aiding their advance into Gedo, a region along the jubbaland -Ethiopian border that has recently seen an upsurge in insurgent activity.Last week, Al Shabaab jehadist attacked an Ethiopian army base near the border, marking a turning point for security in a region that has seen Ethiopian intervention nonstop since 1996., jubbaland army was forced out of the port city of Kismayo ONE YEAR ago by Al Shabaab jehadist insurgents.JUBBALAND ARMY , who enjoys LOCAL support in jubbaland region, jubbaland army with more military trucks have reached inside of the city.Balad Hawo district Gedo region in jubbaland state of somalia , witnesses said on Monday ... jubbaland military division..crossing the border from dolow town gedo region of jubbaland state of somalia ,Heavily armed troops jubbaland troobs Heading Toward stronghold of Terrorist al Shabaab garbaharay district of Gedo region somalia ..fierce fight is expected to take place.Anytime . shabaab Terroris are regrouping in bardhere and garbahary " .
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