Saturday, June 6, 2009

Qaeda activities in Iraq down: top US army chief.."I am concerned that Somalia will be turned into a haven for al-Qaeda leaders

Al Qaeda's activities in Iraq have declined and the organization's leadership may shift from Iraq to Somalia, United States chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the highest position in U.S. military told the pan-Arab station Al Arabiya TV in the first exclusive interview with an Arab satellite station.Despite the evident increase in violence in some parts of Iraq, Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff assured Al Arabiya that al-Qaeda's presence has decreased in the country and insisted that the pullout of American forces from Iraq is on track. "The U.S. military is committed to withdrawing from Iraqi cities at the end of this month according to the agreement reached with the Iraqi government," Mullen said in the interview that will be aired on Saturday at 16:00 GMT."Iraq's security forces are capable of meeting these security developments," Mulled added and said that the U.S. military and the Iraqi forces have collaborated on a "security plan" to ensure the upcoming transition..more..