Sunday, May 30, 2010

jihad TV Coming Soon to a neighborhood near you.. accidental or planned?... Muslim Media Manipulation to New Heights

the two events are  connected,

Shabaab Jehadist mouthpiece ,  A Somali satellite television channel called Universal TV  could soon be broadcasting in Minnesota
reporters and producers arrive  in Minneapolis Airport

 they  have been so many complaints against, Here's a simpl
Somali Universal TV’s Biased Programming 

According to    terrorist apologist  allgedo 

Do we really want to give these groups extra help to radicalize kids  by allowing them to beam their TV propaganda directly into people's homes?

accidental or planned???
Have you ever been blackmailed
 Hopefully, the People will see through this disgusting manipulation. ...according to Habar Gidir own radio station shabelle

Al-shabab: ‘Universal TV is an icon fighting against with Islam’ ...

media  Don't fall for it ! ..  this PR from   jehad

 Please pay CLOSE attention, In The Picture.. I Was Just Wondering,Are Those Universal TV Microphones  ??


Universal TV We are going to the USA!!!  ....

. Make sure you  announce "We Don't Have any  engagement, between us.


Connecting the Dots  .. So You Don't Have To.

The  head of  Universal TV  Milkiilaha Ahmed Abubakar (left ) Dayib M Ahmed  from  virginia Right..

  Guess Who is Sitting Behind them ..event held today??

Da'wah Institute Sh. Hassan Jaamici


Watch CBS News Videos Online

How al-Shabaab Targets Western Youth

The missing Somali men

imam of the mosque Abubakar Islamic Center Minneapolis, with Da'wah Institute Sh. Hassan Jaamici

  Abubakar As-Saddiqu

 Some background reference pic

Sh. Abdirahtheman iyo Sh. Xasan Jamici  

aka heikh Abdirahman Sheikh Omar and Sh. Hassan Jaamici


connecting the dots 
shabaab Jehadist mouthpiece Universal TV masquerading news source   like  this  ...demonstration against Israel co-sponsored by   al-Shabaab and Jihad TV     
will be on the House Next Door soon. 
shabaabTerrorist Abu Mansur

From Somaliland Ahmad Abdi Godane sets Islam ultimatum,Terrorist Al-Shabab Abdi Godane also named Sheik Mokhtar Abu-Zubeyr aka Mukhtaar C/raxmaan