Monday, October 11, 2010

Update pirates free Puntland Minister SOMALIA: Puntland Minister Captured by Somali Pirates. Somali pirates kidnap government minister.Somali troops in bid to rescue minister from pirates : German prosecutors charge 10 suspected Somali pirates over attack on container ship

pirates free Puntland Minister
Suspected pirates released Said Mohamed Rage Puntland Minister of Ports & Marine Transport and his convoy’s hours of kidnapping in Central Somalia, according to reports received by Terror free somalia  Online.

The Minister and his bodyguards were traveling from Garacad to Jiriban, Mudug region—central Somalia after pirates attacks.

According to the reports, Said Mohamed Rage was unharmed and now reached Jiriiban Region but 2 people were killed include his bodyguard.

Puntland government sends security forces to Mudug region where suspected pirates holding the hostages, but released before the military reach the ground.

Farole administration has urged the world's naval powers to coordinate and act against the pirates--on anti-pirates mission.

Somali pirates hold more than a dozen ships and more than 330 crew members. They have made millions of dollars in ransoms by seizing ships in the Gulf of Edan and Indian ocean  and have extended their range using mother ships.

Unconfirmed report  government reportedly paid a ransom of 1/2 million .. to Somali  Pirates to free kidnap government minister

Somali troops in bid to rescue minister from pirates

We broke the story 
AP confirmed

Somali pirates kidnap government minister 
On Monday, the minister of ports of Puntland State of Somalia, Said Mohamed Rage and his armed guards were captured by pirates after heavy gunfight near the coastal town of Gara’ad.
Mr.Rage was on an official visit to the coastal town of Gara’ad, about 360km South-east of Garowe, the capital of Puntland.
The town is a stronghold of the Somali pirates operating in the gulf of Aden and the Indian ocean.
Previously, the minister declared an open war against the pirates in the region.
Heavily armed pirates blockaded the main road to the town, refusing the minister and his convoy to enter the city. According to local residents there was intense gun battle that ensued the blockade by the pirates.
The minister and his convoy were accompanied by at least 7 battle wagons and dozens of armed guards. The minister and his forces were forced to retreat, eyewitnesses say.
The minister was again ambushed in the town of Jariban  60km west of Gara’ad. At least 4 local people were wounded in the fighting, two of the Minister’s bodyguards were also killed in the clashes.
Later, the minister and his guards surrendered to the pirates after they were encircled in the village of Sallah in Mudug region.
The Puntland government has confirmed the clashes, however no one was able to elaborate on the whereabouts of the captured minister and his guards.
Ali Yusuf Hosh, the deputy minister of interior blamed pirates from Puntland and southern Somalia for ambushing the minister and his delegation.
German prosecutors charge 10 suspected Somali pirates over attack on container ship