Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia Al-Shabaab executes a Kenyan in Kismayo for allegedly spying for Kenyan troops

                                              Kenyan military in southern Somalia
Al Qaeda affiliate in Somalia AL-Shabaab has on Tuesday executed one of its fighters in Kismayo town for allegedly spying for Kenyan troops.Reports say rebel fighters executed a Kenyan national in public after rebel court allegedly found him guilty of spying for the Kenyan troops in parts of the region.Hundreds of locals witnessed the execution.The man is said to be one of the foreign rebel fighter popularly known as the “Muhajirin brothers” in Somalia fighting alongside Al-Shabaab rebel group.He is also said to be a none-Somali ethnic Kenyan who come to Somalia to fight alongside with the rebel group.He was accused of leading Kenyan warplanes in bombarding rebel bases in Jilib, Middle Shabelle region.Reports say the man was among three Kenyan men who were kept in rebel custody after they were accused of spying for Kenyan military in southern Somalia. no evidence was  presented to support shabaab claims