Wednesday, April 4, 2012

suicide blast at the Somali National Theater ( Exclusive first photos )

terror free somalia has received news of a suicide blast at the Somali National Theater this Wednesday morning. The recently reopened facility was hosting a celebration of the Somali National Television's (SNTV) first anniversary. Staff from the Ministry of Information and several other Transitional Federal Government (TFG) ministers were invited to the function including Prime Minister Abdiweli. Reports state that the Prime Minister is unharmed. A pro-al-Shabaab website has also reported on the incident and states that the blast may have been a 'martyr's act.'Incoming reports state that at least seven people are dead. The Chairman of the Somali football federation, Said Mugaambe and the Chairman of Somalia’s Olympic Union Adan Haji Yabarow died in the blast. The Minister for Planning and International Relations, Abdulahi Goodax Barre and Dr. Dalha are injured.The Somali Prime Minister was addressing the public when the blast occurred. Five journalists from local media were also injured in the blast.A local journalist and eyewitness, Abdullahi Mohamed Sultan stated that he saw the female suicide bomber before the explosion. "She was able to go inside the hall past the guards who were pursuing her and detonated herself at once," he said.Government soldiers began firing shots in the air as the scene dissolved into chaos. al shbaab  group has claimed responsibility for this act and government officials have not made any comments. Mogadishu has been subjected to numerous mortar and suicide attacks since al-Shabaab were ousted from the city in last year. Mortar attacks and suicide blasts targeting the presidential palace and its neighboring areas are fast turning in to a norm.

exclusive first photos
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