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al shabaab jehadist established jehadist Court in the town of Buloburte,

A new Islamic Court has been established in the town of Buloburte, capital of Hiran region by the al shabaab (UIC )on Saturday.The Islamists spokesman, Terrorist Abdirhmn Mocoow, told Terrorist Sympathizer Hawiye Radio Stations ( Shabelle radio) Sunday in Buloburte that the court will rule according to Terrorist Shariah law. "Already, several people have been arrested and are waiting to appear in court," the spokesman said. The development is a blow to Somalia's interim government, which is backed by thousands of Ethiopian troops and African Union peacekeepers.Since arriving in Mogadishu, the government has faced a bloody insurgency in the capital and other parts of the country, including ambushes, assassinations and roadside bombings. In recent months, gunmen loyal to the hawiye Terrorist I have seized control of several towns in the central and southern regions of Somalia. The government, which spends massive resources defending the fortress in Mogadishu, has taken no action as Islamists continue to seize power in the countryside. In 2006, the Islamic Courts took control of Mogadishu and south-central Somalia, where they imposed Shariah law and restored order but Somali troops backed by Ethiopian troops have overrun the al shabaab fighter’s control. Ethiopian-backed Somali government forces expelled the Islamists Terrorist from Mogadishu in early 2007, igniting the ongoing insurgency.

Somalia may be growing ripe for al-Qaida

NAIROBI, Kenya — Conventional wisdom long held that Somalia was so inhospitable that even al-Qaida gave up trying to gain a foothold amid feuding clans, erratic warlords and a wily population hardened by years of anarchy.
Now, in the wake of an aggressive U.S. counterterrorism program that has alienated many Somalis, there are signs al-Qaida might have its best chance in years to win over Islamic hard-liners in the Horn of Africa nation.
After once denying or downplaying links to the terrorist network, a senior leader of Somalia's most notorious Islamic militia now acknowledges MORE

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Second Malaysian tanker hijacked in Gulf of Aden: company

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) - a second Malaysian tanker carrying petrochemicals has been hijacked by pirates in the Gulf of Aden, the vessel's owner said in a statement Saturday . more

Pirate Ransom Helped Somalia Islamist Militants Seize Port

Somali pirates free Omani ship - officials

WFP worker injured by gunmen in Somalia: UN

MOGADISHU (AFP) - A UN World Food Programme (WFP) employee suffered gunshot wounds Saturday after his vehicle was attacked in southern Somalia, a United Nations source said. more.

Condemnation of genocide in Kismay city (jubbaland state of somalia)

we condemning the barbaric action against Kismayo which was done inthe name of resistance (islam) by a coalition TERROR group. Kismayo was ruled by clan mareehan army .was the one of the most peaceful places in Somalia terror free zone , al shabaab and ONLF wanted only bloodshed and they killed at least 100 innocent lives. Althoughthey are using the name of islam , they are really clan motivated. They have committed a genocide and revenge.we condemning the chaos and disorder of the al shabaab .with ONLF Kabalax clan and hawiye clan use Islam .The speaker of Al-Shabab group. most of them are clan motivated . We Want The World To Know somalia The clan-based media . most of the media are false and misleading specaly kablalax media(plogs ).Garowe Online and hawiye media (bbc somalia)(voa) (hiiraan)(mareeg) (shabaeele) and arab media al jazeera and iran press tv . ect .Finally we calls all Somalis to open their eyes and beaware of the danger and the consequence of this unashamed al shabaab group.
We somalia american and the world should work with responsible somalia clan ... in fighting terror. It's a real concern of ours - terror taking root in the Horn of Africa. We don't want to see another safe haven for terrorists created. Our interest is purely in seeing Somalia achieve a better day."
When the US put al-Shabaab on its list of terrorist organisations it was a source of celebration for them. Sheikh Muktar Robow, an al-Shabaab leader, welcomed US action against his followers.
"Al-Shabaab feels honoured to be included on the list. We are good Muslims and the Americans are infidels. We are on the right path," he told Al Jazeera.

BBC Somali Section, like everything else in our world, is constantly changing. What was once strict ethic of the BBC may be considered as non ethic now.
It is unfortunate that the internationally accredited BBC is still accommodating a Somali Warlord and permitted him to use the only source of information and news of the Somali people, for his sinister and criminal advocating propaganda internationally. Yusuf Garad is a Somali Warlord who is to be removed like all others were disgracefully chased away from their strong forts.
Yusuf Garad is using a distant fort called BBC Bush House, where he devours irrationally all news that doesn’t match his wishes. He immorally disregards all information and news that does not serve his purpose, which is clannish in one time, hate propagating and supporting certain factions against others on the other hand. Last year during the time when the extremist Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) controlled many regions of Somalia including the Mogadishu, the capital city; Yusuf Garad blatantly sided with his uncle Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys who was the Head of the Shura of UIC. He over publicized the UIC out of proportion.
Yusuf Garad deliberately publicizes all negative propaganda against the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) and its efforts to bring about a peaceful reconciliation. The reason is simple and clannish; because Abdillahi Yusuf Ahmed is from a different clan. Similarly, Yusuf Garad undermined and diluted almost all the positive and reconcilable endeavors of the TFG. He shamefully calls and holds international telephone conferences, by inviting, from around the world, certain elements of the Somali society who share his morbid opinion and casts through the BBC Somali service. He uses the BBC Somali service as a vehicle and tool to proliferate his religious and political believes.

we talk a bout voa in 1-12-2008

al shabaab Terrorist media

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Bare Adan shire an interview with bbc .. AL-SHABAAB WITH ONLF Video: Terroristers 'capture Kismayo'

While Somalia's president and prime minister have been negotiating about how to work together, the al shabaab has been mobilising.On Friday, more and more fighters come to the key southern port city of Kismayo, Al Jazeera gained exclusive access to Kismayo. Rosie Garthwaite has our report.
Video: Fighters 'capture Kismayo'

more.. al sbabaab Terrorist terrorist city of kismayo Commander terrorist Maxamed Mire >>Enter Here >> Halkaan Riix

Somalia: MP's Against Islamists

Bare Adan shire an interview with bbc Wareysiga Hiiraale somalia about . Why have they left Kismayo in the hands of al shabaab he said .Mareehan Tribe, most peace loving people in somalia, who also supported the TFG government, He said was totaly un prepared. the threat that Al-Shabaab poses, he also talk a bout how TFG government neglect the (Jubbaland) region of Somali he confirmed the died of 18 mareehan ARMY and 27 Wounded ,"Al-Shabaab is a violent and brutal extremist group with a number of individuals affiliated with Al-Qaeda," it said in a statement."Many of its senior leaders are believed to have trained and fought with Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan," BARE ADEN SHIRE (HIIRAALE) conform newly training ONLF terrorist fighters . Fight Alongside with al shabaab. he said we will stand up to protect the citizens OF JUBBALAND from al shabaab and Onlf . They are a gang," he said. "They are terrorists and thieves." mareehan Army will lead the revolution ...HE SAID MAREHAAN ARMY will come and liberatede the city from the hands Terrorist . we will attack and destroy the terrorist’s ,The city was completely held hostage in the hands af trerrorist.. in an interview bbc somalia..My Wife and Kids Our family living in the city .will be back, God Willing.
Col Barre Adan Shire (Hirale) who was d holding talks with elders and the administration of Garbaharey, the capital of Gedo Region.
Barre Hirale, who arrived with his militiamen in Garbaharey 0n 8-28-2008 , has been holding various meetings since yesterday with the elders and the administration of the area on the fighting in Kismayo and the current situation there.
MP Barre Hiiraale now in Dolow District in Ethiopia where he will meet Ethiopian and Kenyan officials. ask for military assistance from the Ethiopian goverment .Meanwhile, the first deputy governor of Gedo Region, Muhammad Abdi Kalil, told that they support Barre Hiiraale's efforts to recapture Kismayo city from al-shaabaab.

Somalia has been at war since 1991, when hawiye clan (USC) Somaliland EEDOOR clan (SNM)ogaden clan (ONLF) militias rebalance tha somalia government Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre administration . then fought for power among themselves. hawiye Warlordism, terrorism (al shabaa)Terrorist (ONLF)Terrorist (TRIBILISM) Replaces the somali government.


Oct 3, 1993: 18 American Rangers killed and 75 wounded in battle with USC/sna – (SNA: Somali national alliance) hawiye militia . Terrorist mohamed Farah Aideed hawiye warlord .

A Week in the Horn


Addis Ababa, August 29, 2008 (Addis Ababa) - The Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU) condemned unreservedly acts of terrorism, wherever they occur.
In its 149th meeting held on Aug. 28, 2008, the Council received a briefing from the Director of the African Centre for Study and Research on Terrorism, (ACSRT) on the AU and UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. The Council stressed the importance to fight against terrorism of fully implementing all continental and international counter-terrorism instruments.
The Council called on Member States that have not yet done so, to expedite the ratification of the OAU Convention on the Prevention and Combating of Terrorism and its Protocol.
The Council has requested the Commission to expedite the development of the African Anti-Terrorism Model Law, which would provide a ready-made technical assistance to Member states with a view to enabling them, to harmonize efforts and legal frameworks at the national, regional and continental levels, for the prevention and combating of terrorism in Africa.
It has also requested the ACSRT to intensify its activities and to identify training and equipment projects that would enhance domestic capacities of Member States that have not yet developed the requisite capability.
T-6:40-7:04 PM

Success in fight against terrorism, cross border crime calls for cooperation among nations: President

Addis Ababa, August 29, 2008 (Addis Ababa) - President Girma Woldegiorgis said success in the fight against terrorism as well as cross border crimes calls for cooperation among nations.
Addressing the 8th Annual Meeting of Eastern Africa Police Chiefs and Ministers Responsible Police Matters, the president said on Friday cross boarder crime is a global problem that poses a threat to democracy and rule of law. Terrorism is threatening the common safety and peace of the international community. Accordingly, he said, law enforcement agencies need to synchronize efforts to combat terrorism. The changing environment of policing, particularly the new realities of cross boarder crime requires nations to accelerate the development of the sub-region and share intelligence. Prime Minister’s National Security Affairs Advisor with a Rank of a Minister, Abay Tsehaye on his part said curbing cross border crime calls for coordinated efforts among nations. Ethiopia is elected as Chairman of the East African Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (EAPCCO). EAPCCO, established in Kampala, Uganda nine years ago, comprises 11 member states namely; Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, Seashells, and the Sudan.
T-2:35-3:02 PM/E-4:57-5:02 pm

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Pirate Ransom Helped Somalia Islamist Militants Seize Port

New details are emerging of a link between rising piracy off the coast of Somalia and insurgent activities on shore. A Kenyan piracy expert says a prominent Somali factional leader turned Islamist helped the country's militant Shabab group seize the key southern port of Kismayo last week with weapons he bought with ransom payments. VOA correspondent Alisha Ryu has this exclusive story from our East Africa Bureau in Nairobi. During the first half of this decade, factional leader Yusuf Mohamed Siad, better known by his nickname Inda'ade, was notorious in Somalia for engaging in pirate activities and running a lucrative drug and weapons trafficking operation from the city of Merca, the provincial capital of the Lower Shabelle region.

Somalia president calls for unity in parliament

BAIDOA, Somalia (Reuters) - Somalia's President Abdullahi Yusuf urged members of parliament on Thursday to work together and end rifts that have threatened to wreck the Horn of Africa nation's interim government.
Yusuf and his Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein signed a deal in neighbouring Ethiopia this week, ending a feud that began when Hussein sacked Mogadishu's powerful mayor, a key Yusuf ally. more ..

Limits on Ethiopia’s Somali role

Ethiopia’s military commitment to Somalia is not open-ended, and it has to balance its responsibilities in Mogadishu with domestic political priorities, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said in an interview published today.
Islamists vow to retake Somalia
Ethiopia winning rebel fight
Speaking to the Financial Times, Meles said Ethiopia was "not joined at the hip" with Somalia, and added that a stronger and more effective Somali government was "not necessarily a precondition for our withdrawal".
The Ethiopian prime minister insisted, however, that Ethiopia would do all it could to help stabilise Somalia’s interim government "Our obligation towards peace in Somalia is only one aspect," Meles said. more.
Ethiopia Hints at Policy Shift on Somalia, Financial Times Says
Aug. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Ethiopia may withdraw its troops from Somalia before the nation's transitional federal government stabilizes and begins functioning, the Financial Times reported, citing Prime Minister Meles Zenawi more..

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Transcript: FT Interview with Meles Zenawi

Meles Zenawi, the prime minister who has led Ethiopia since the rebel movement he belonged to overthrew dictator Mengistu Haile Mariam in 1991, spoke to Barney Jopson, FT East Africa Correspondent, at his office in Addis Ababa on August 21, 2008. The following is a transcript of the interview.
Financial Times: The president and the prime minister of Somalia are here in Addis Ababa and have been here for the last few days. There’s been a lot of talk about a rift between the two of them. I wonder if you could give me your perspective on that and what affect it is having on the situation in Somalia? more

TFG authorities agree to leave differences behind

Canadians Lead Hunt For Pirates

August 27, 2008: The clan fighting in Mogadishu continues, with neither side willing to give up trying to maintain control of the largest, and most lucrative, city in the country. The gunfire and random mortar shelling has not been good for business. But that has largely been the case for the last 18 years. No one has been able to work out a compromise deal, and with one faction influenced by Islamic radicals (who are on a Mission From God), compromise is even less likely.
The food situation in southern Somalia is getting worse, as is the security situation for foreign aid workers. While both the TNG and ICU realizes the need for foreign aid to keep their supporters alive, there are many "fringe groups" (as both the TNG and ICU describes them) who attack and plunder the foreign aid operations anyway. Many of these fringe guys are just bandits, out to score any way they can, and not caring about the consequences. But some of the ICU fringers buy into the al Qaeda belief that foreign aid, at least from infidel (non-Moslem) is a corrupting influence that must be eliminated. Nearly all the food and medical aid comes from Western nations, with most of the food supplied by the United States. more..

Is Kenya Becoming a Terrorist Haven?

Police accused of complicity as terror suspect shuttles in and out of country

Is Kenya becoming a terrorist haven? That is the question on the lips of international security agents following last week's failure by the Kenyan police to capture Fazul Abdullah, an al-Qaida-linked terrorist who was said to be holed up in a house in the port city of Mombasa.Fazul, a Comoran, is the mastermind behind the Aug. 7, 1998, twin bombings of the US Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, in which more than 300 lives were lost and over 5,000 people severely wounded. He is also linked to the Nov. 28, 2002, bombing of an Israeli-owned hotel in Kenya's coastal town of Kilifi, besides an attempt to bring down an Israeli airliner full of Israeli tourists. more..

Convention Democrats warned about radical Islam

DENVER - A statement of issues and positions provided by the Democratic National Convention includes not a single reference to "radical Islam," and its only references to "Islam" are to an imam scheduled to speak and to identify Afghanistan as where the U.S. should be battling al-Qaida, since "the vast majority of Muslims believe in a future of peace, tolerance."
However, an organization has been flooding DNC delegates and Denver with copies of the video "Obsession" because members believe the threat to the U.S. is being dismissed or minimized, and the results – like those of Sept. 11, 2001 – could be catastrophic.
"The reaction has been everything from people who are upset with us and call us Islamophobes to a gay, Jewish delegate who's seen 'Obsession' and told us the Democrats aren't taking radical Islamic fundamentalists seriously," said Karen England, a spokeswoman for the group promoting the Watch Obsession website. more..

Somali gunmen free kidnapped UNHCR boss - sources

MOGADISHU, Aug 27 (Reuters) - Somali gunmen released the local head of the U.N. refugee agency in Mogadishu on Wednesday after holding him captive for more than two months, security sources said.
"Hassan Mohammed Ali, the head of UNHCR, was freed on Wednesday afternoon," a U.N. staff member told Reuters. "He was kidnapped on June 21 and held until today when he was released unconditionally. He is in perfect health."
Abductions are common in the lawless Horn of Africa nation, where an interim government and its Ethiopian military allies have been battling Islamist insurgents since the start of last year.
A Canadian freelance journalist and an Australian freelance photojournalist were kidnapped on Saturday in the same area where Ali was seized, in Elasha, southwest of the capital. (Reporting by Abdi Sheikh and Ibrahim Mohammed; Writing by Wangui Kanina)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Somali group seeks to unite with al-Qaida

NAIROBI, KENYA — Conventional wisdom long held that Somalia was so inhospitable that even al-Qaida gave up trying to gain a foothold amid feuding clans, erratic warlords and a wily population hardened by years of anarchy.
Now, in the wake of an aggressive U.S. counterterrorism program that has alienated many Somalis, there are signs that al-Qaida might have its best chance in years to win over Islamic hard-liners.
A senior leader of Somalia's most notorious Islamic militia now acknowledges that his group has long-standing ties to al-Qaida and says he is seeking to forge a closer relationship. more..

Hefty ransom payments feeding surge in Somali piracy (News Feature)

Nairobi Mogadishu - Piracy off the coast of Somalia reached new heights last week when four ships - German, Japanese, Iranian and Malaysian - were seized within 48 hours. Yet this may not represent the peak of pirate activity as gunmen with possible links to Islamic insurgents cram into the Gulf of Aden to get their share of the hefty ransoms shipping firms pay out for their ships and crews. 'For many years, piracy was simply robbery, but now it has changed,' Andrew Mwangura, head of the Kenya-based East African Seafarers Assistance Programme told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. We told people not to pay ransoms, but they started paying, he continued. Other gunmen realized that they can earn money and started taking ships hostage instead of robbing them. Authorities in Somalia have also called on shipping companies and governments not to pay ransoms, but the sums of money changing hands have gone up and up. Mwangura said that the pirates were now largely ignoring African ships and going for the big money jobs - cargo ships and tankers owned by international shipping lines or tourists in their luxury yachts. The going rate now appears to be around one million dollars - the figure paid this month to secure the release of two German tourists who were seized from their yacht in June. With such big money on offer, the number of pirates operating off the Somali coast has soared in the last three years. According to Mwanguras figures, there were fewer than 100 gunmen operating in 15 groups in 2005. Now there 160 groups with a total of up to 1,200 pirates operating in Somalia coastal waters. The pirates, armed with rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons, launch speedboats from motherships to pursue their targets. Crew members are rarely killed - they are far more valuable alive - and the pirates generally put their fire across the bow of the ship to force it to stop, but incidents do happen. Malaysian shipping line MISC on Monday confirmed that a Filipino crew member died in an accident as pirates seized control of the Bunga Melati Dua last Tuesday. But, perhaps most worryingly for Somalia weak government and its Ethiopian allies, Mwangura believes that at least some of the ransom money is finding its way into the hands of Islamist insurgents currently wreaking havoc in the Horn of African nation. The big question is where does the money go? Mwangura said. We think they are collecting money going to fund other projects onshore ... we can say they are doing this on behalf of organized crime and for terrorist activities.The peak in piracy has coincided with a gathering of strength among insurgent groups. Somalia has been in a state of anarchy since the overthrow of dictator Mohamed Siad Barre in 1991. But the situation had steadily deteriorated since the end of 2006, when Somalia transitional government and its Ethiopian allies ousted the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) from Mogadishu. Al-Shabaab, the armed wing of the UIC, has been fighting an increasingly bloody battle since then, and last Friday captured the strategic port town of Kismayo, one of Somalia biggest settlements. Ironically, piracy fell during the six months the UIC controlled Mogadishu as the strict religious body brought relative order. Yet with the government in charge, piracy is now a potentially useful tool for the insurgents. The seven ships currently being held by pirates represent a potential seven million dollars that could partly finance the insurgency. Yet the government is powerless to stop the piracy. It is too busy with daily battles in Mogadishu and has no navy to speak of. The United Nations Security Council in June approved incursions into Somali waters to combat the pirates. But despite the resolution, and recent interventions by a coalition warships, piracy has continued to climb. The International Maritime Bureau (IMB) believes the situation is on the verge of spiralling out of control and wants nations with warships in the area to take the UN resolution to heart Few nations have responded to the resolution so far, even though there have been warships in the general area, but this looks set to change. The US Naval Central Command on Friday said it had ordered the set up of Maritime Security Patrol Area (MSPA) - basically coalition warships backed by aircraft - to patrol the Gulf of Aden. The idea is to deter destabilizing activities in the area,Lt Stephanie Murdoch, a spokesperson for the central command told dpa. This includes drug smuggling, human trafficking and of course piracy.Murdoch refused to reveal the size of the force for security reasons. Considering the IMB on Tuesday warned that three pirate motherships were believed to be lurking in the Gulf of Aden looking for more commercial ships to attack, the new force should have ample opportunity to prove its worth. 'Mogadishu - Piracy off the coast of Somalia reached new heights last week when four ships - German, Japanese, Iranian and Malaysian - were seized within 48 hours. Yet this may not represent the peak of pirate activity as gunmen with possible links to Islamic insurgents cram into the Gulf of Aden to get their share of the hefty ransoms shipping firms pay out for their ships and crews.
'For many years, piracy was simply robbery, but now it has changed,' Andrew Mwangura, head of the Kenya-based East African Seafarers' Assistance Programme told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa. more..

Al Qaeda-linked Shabab in control of southern Somalia

Just one and a half years after Ethiopian forces ejected the Islamic Courts Union from power in the failed state of Somalia, the country is poised for a takeover by a radical al Qaeda regional group. Shabab, an al Qaeda-linked terror group, has taken control of most of southern Somalia and portions of the central region, according to press reports from the troubled nation more..

Marked For Death

the last three years Somalia has been the victim of an antagonizing war between the ousted Islamic Courts Union and the Transitional Federal government. The military wing of the Islamic Courts Union, aka Al Shabab, is engaged in a vicious war against the allied forces of the Somali government and the Ethiopian occupation forces. Initially, Alshabab espoused a ferocious revenge killings against anyone suspected of collaborating with the regime, but their recent inclusion into the list of terrorist organizations has deepened their extremism, making this enigmatic organization wild and dangerous; the organization expanded its victims to teachers, army officers, Sheiks, elders, and even women. Their leaders make repugnant statements to brag about their victims. While the Ethiopian occupation forces kill civilians in bulk by shelling, the victims of Alshabab are relatively smaller in number. What is shocking, however, is that the killings take place around mosques, indicating their total disregard for the sanctity of mosques. Who is the enemy here? How did Al Shabab evolve from defenders of morality to a criminal organization?
This is the story of a man who was a potential victim to the Al Shabab. Mr. Farah was a local man of Mogadishu. He had lost his son and was in desperate search to find him. Farah had visited a local police station and asked the policemen if they had seen his son. The police told him they did not, but would let him know if they got information. Farah left the police station with a tiny hope that his son would be found. A few days passed and no word had come from the police. Farah decided to visit several other police stations in the city. All the police stations told him they had no information about the missing boy, but when they did find out they would let him know. Unknown to Mr. Farah, Al Shabab had been monitoring his visits to the police stations for several days. They believed he was affiliated with the government and he was giving them secret information. With that in mind, they decided to eliminate him. He was marked for death that was to be carried out during Farah’s attendance for a prayer in the local mosque.
Four Alshabab gunmen armed with pistols were given orders to kill Farah. Two of them were in the Mosque with Farah, while the other two waited outside in case he wasn’t killed in the Mosque. Right after the prayer, Farah asked the Imam if he could make a public announcement about his missing son. He stood in front of the congregation and explained he had been searching for his son for several weeks. He went into detail about visiting several police stations in the city and asked everyone to help him find his son. Upon hearing this, the would-be killers realized that Farah was a desperate father looking for his missing son. They discovered that the mission to kill him was flawed. The gunmen had a change of heart and cautioned themselves from carrying the order they were given. After Farah completed his announcement, the two armed men in the mosque approached him and told him they had orders to shoot him that day because they assumed he had been working for the government. The hit men had to contact their commander to explain the situation so that they can spare his life. It took a bit of time to get a word back from their boss. Finally, Farah was free to go.
This story illustrates the true face of the so-called Alshabab which distorted the message of Islam as a religion of peace. These people defamed our religion and portrayed Islam incorrectly. The time has come to recuperate our understanding of the changes in our society and also in the misrepresentations of our religion. Whether it is a splinter group of Alshabab, or other unknown groups, the killing of innocent civilians must stop. It is unacceptable to hold people’s lives to such a low standard. These killings are criminal acts that only further exacerbate the hope for peace and reconciliation. Somalia is under siege. We have watched for more than eighteen years as different factions sought to dismantle our country and now our faith. We need to stand up and reclaim Somalia not only for our generation, but also for the coming generations.

Abdulkadir K. Dirie High School Science Teacher Toronto, Canada Email:

Estranged Somalia government leaders agree to cooperate

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) Somalia's President Abdullahi Yusuf and his prime minister signed a deal on Tuesday to work together after a weeks-long rift that threatened to wreck their interim government. Yusuf fell out with Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein earlier this month after Hussein sacked Mogadishu's powerful mayor, who was a key ally of the president.
Both men have been locked in crisis talks for days with officials in neighbouring Ethiopia.
"We hope the agreement will end the differences between the Somali leaders," Ethiopia's Foreign Minister Seyoum Mesfin said after the pair signed the deal in Addis Ababa. more..

Somalia: MP's Militias Start Maneuver Against Islamists

Armed militias led by Somali MP Barre Aden Shire aka Hirale have instigated new rounds of armed maneuvers in Bardhere town the provincial capital of Gedo region and the nearby undulating areas residents in the town said on Tuesday. more

Defining a failed state

Somalia has no functioning central government, no judicial system and last year, an estimated 700,000 of its people became refugees.There are daily gun battles involving a bewildering array of rag tag militias, smugglers, Ethiopian troops and clan warlords.Around 8,000 people — mostly civilians — died in 2007 alone. Most chillingly, the United Nations says more than three million Somalis, just under half of the population, require regular food aid just to survive.
The respected U.S. magazine, Foreign Policy, gives Somalia top ranking on a list of "failed states."more,

Insurgents Briefly Capture Key Town in Show of Defiance

NAIROBI, March 26 -- Islamist insurgents battling for control of Somalia briefly seized a strategic town Wednesday, the latest sign of how feeble the country's internationally backed transitional government has become. The takeover of Jowhar, about 55 miles north of Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, was the most recent in a series of advances by a radical Islamist faction of a broader insurgency against the transitional government and the Ethiopian military that installed it more than a year ago. In the past month, the faction -- known as al-Shabab and recently designated a terrorist organization by the United States -- has briefly asserted control of at least six towns in southern Somalia, a show of force underlining the fact that the Somali government has little control over the Horn of Africa nation. more

Monday, August 25, 2008

A motion of no confidence against Nur Adde tabled by some MP'S

In parliamentary session held in baidoa ,the the Somali parliament discussed a motion on bringing the Somali government to book.The meeting was different from the normal parlimentry session as about 190 mps were taking part the meeting who were mostly supporting this motion against premier Nur adde's government.Mp ali osoble read before the parliament the failures and the successes of the government during its existence.The session presided by dhalxa decided to bring the prime ministers government to account within twenty four hours.Motion comes after government lost control third largest City in the country to terrorist al shabaab. In recent times, Kismayo and the Lower Jubba and gado "Jubbaland" regional administrationegion was ruled by Marehan clans(Darod) political alliance with TFG .clan-military leaders fought on the same side as TFG troops against the Islamic Courts forces . Kismayo is the third largest city in the country, and only second in importance to Mogadishu in the south. One would think that TFG leaders would recognize the value this port city has for the country, and that failure here would ultimately reflect failure elsewhere. TFG doesn't any single ounce of legitimacy in Jubbaland .TFG doesn't distribution any resources jubbaland. The TFG cannot afford to keep the strategic port city of Kismayo in the hands of al shabaab Terrorist. Prime Minister nur addehis predecessors pm geedi both never never set foot in the region. Hawiye clan With (USC ) leadership of Terrorist muhammad farah caydiid cometed war crime in the region in1991 and 1992

al- shabaab Terrorist official addresses residents of seized southern port city

Terrorist , Al-Shabaab, has addressed Kismaayo city residents for the first time. Terrorist Robow (Abu-Mansur), the spokesman of the armed religious movement al-Shabaab, delivered a multifaceted lengthy speech to a gathering of people in Kismayo city, Jubadda Hoose Region (Southern Somalia).jubbaland state somalia The Al-Shabaab spokesman "Our fighters are pursuing Marehan clan army (jubbland army)that controlled Kismayo] He also stated that jehadist administration would be set up for the city.Speaking on the recent fighting in Kismayo city and other places in lower Jubba Region, the al-Shabaab jehadist spokesman claimed that they attained major victories in the fighting. Terrorist said the war they were waging would not be confined to lower Jubba and middle Jubba regions but it would be carried out "elsewhere as well" "Thank God for granting us victory over those who brought the enemy into the country, and we say to them that we will follow them every place where they set foot," Terrorist said. This is the first time the al-ShabaabTerrorist spokesman has delivered a speech in Kismayo since they [Islamists] captured the city. (The Islamic Courts Union (ICU) said on Sunday that it had wrested control of the southern port city from clan militias a day earlier.ICU Terrorist forces moved into Kismayo at the request of its residents, and the city "will remain under Islamic control", Terrorist sheik Ibrahim Shukri, a spokesman for the ICU in , which controlled the capital, Mogadishu, and much of the south for six months in 2006. two foreign journalists - a Canadian woman and an Australian man - were kidnapped while travelling near Mogadishu on Saturday, two Somali civilians said.Journalists and relief workers are frequently abducted for ransoms in Somalia, even those who travel in convoys heavily guarded by freelance armed men.A report on the website of Canada's National Post newspaper identified the woman as 27-year-old Amanda Lindhout.her father, John Lindhout, as saying she had recently arrived in the country with an Australian friend who was also kidnapped.An official at the hotel where the two were staying in Mogadishu identified the man only as Nigel, a 27-year-old from Australia.Their Somali translator was also kidnapped, according to reports from Mogadishu.In Kismayo, the International Committee of the Red Cross delivered by plane two tons of medical supplies to Kismayo Hospital on Saturday, said Nicole Engelbrecht, an ICRC spokeswoman. also fighting in Afmadow, about 110km northwest of Kismayo, during which 135 people were wounded.She said the agency did not have details of fatalities.
The last UN peacekeeping force in Somalia included American troops who arrived in 1992 and tried to arrest warlords and create a government.The US involvement ended in October 1993, when hawiye Clan USC Terrorist now ICU\al shabaab Terrorist shot down a US Army Black Hawk helicopter during a battle that killed 18 American soldiers.Since then, Ethiopian troops have helped Somalia's fragile transitional government push the Islamists from power in Mogadishu and much of the south, but failed to establish security or improve living standards.

al shabaab jehadist shoot dead Mogadishu district judge

al shabaab Gunmen have shot dead Mogadishu's Wadajir district judge near the town's main market. He died on the spot.The judge, whose name is Sheikh Hassan, was shot dead while he was leaving the court for his house as he was passing through Hawataka Division of Wadajir district.Wadajir district commissioner Ahmad Hasan Ado said the judge had passed away. However, local police shot dead one of those who carried out the attack.Somalia's current transitional government is trying to maintain control of the capital, with the help of the better-equipped Ethiopian forces and TFG forces but the al shabaab jehadist insurgents intensified their insurgency against it.

Conditions may be ripe for Al Qaeda in Somalia

Somalia’s runners provide inspiration

BEIJING – Samia Yusuf Omar headed back to Somalia Sunday, returning to the small two-room house in Mogadishu shared by seven family members. Her mother lives there, selling fruits and vegetables. Her father is buried there, the victim of a wayward artillery shell that hit their home and also killed Samia’s aunt and uncle.
This is the Olympic story we never heard more..

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yaa ubaneeyay Al-shabaab in ay Weerar ku qaadaan Dad Muslimiin ah? Al-shabaab Waxaay Sheegteen Kismaayo in Islaamku Qabsaday, ma Gaalo ayaa awal joogt

Dedicated to the men, women and children who lost their lives; those brave people who gave their lives (Jubbaland State of Somalia) city of kismayo
(Merehan tribe)Defending City from al shabaab Terrorist Jihadist Islamists cowards”:
first time we used history of the plog
native language, Somali,
Marka hora waxaan Tacsi tiiraanyeleh udirayaa dhamaan beesha Sade iyo inta daysa xaquuda bila aadamka iyo xaquuqda Maxaaabiista marka labaad waxaan Ticsi udiraa Eheladii ay katageen Wiilashaash waxaana leeyahay intii dhimatayna Alaha unaxiista intiikana Samir iyo imaan Allha kasiiyo Eheladoodi .waxii kadhacay Magaalada kismaayo waaa wax ku abuuray naxdin iyo layaab iyo filanwaa Shacabka soomaaliyeed Dal iyo Dibadba waxuuna ucanbaaraynaayaa si aan kala harlahayn gaaar ahaan beesha Sade waxay leedahay Dhiiga wiilashaas ee daaahirka ah kuma tagaayo bilaash ama sahal.YAA lagu barta Falka noocaas ah ?Canbaaray kadib markii la'eega taariikhda ay jiraan Ururka Alshaab iyo falaka ay gaysteen mudadaas ayay dad ku waxay iswadiinaya Su'aalo dhowr ah oo ay mid yihiiin Alshaab yay u'adeegaan maxay tahay Caqiidadooda matakfiiriyiinbaa? su'aalahaas iyo kuwa kalaba ayay iswaydiinayaan dad badan oo ukuurgala falalka Ururka Alshaaab.
hadba intuu jiray Ururka Alshaab waxuu geysta Xasuuqyo aad ubadan oo uu kula kacay qayba kamid ah Buslshada Soomaaliyed oo ay ogu horeeyan Dad aan waxba galabsan (dad rayid ah ) iyo Dhlinyaro ay kuqabteen dagoolo (maxabiis) kuwaas oo dil kooda lagu fuliyay Duruufa aan ku haboonayn in qofka dil lagu fuliya Dadkana naxdin badan ku abuurtay Duruufahaas oo ayna ogalayn Diinta islaamka ee ay Alshaab u nisbasheeganayaan.
waxaa kamid ah tii kadhacday Gobalada dhexe iyo Dagaanka Dayniile halkaas oo ay ku gowraceen wiilal yaryar oo ay kuqabqabteen Dagaal (Diig qabow )iyo macana dara iyo qaab ay Culumada kusheegeen Diin laanDadki oo tii layaaban ayaa hadana imaada midaan hadaba Alshaab ma Takfiirbaa oo dadka dhan magaalo ayay uhaystaan? mise waa dhalinyaro aan aqoon macanaha dilka qofka Muslimka ah iyo Maxaabiista dagaalka iyo walibo Qawaaniinta Caalamiga ah?habba Ururka Alshaab waxay layimaaden waxyaba aanan lagu baran SAAXADA soomaliya asal iyo raadna aan ku lahayn Diinta Islaamka oo ayagu inta badan ay ku gabanayaan hadaba waxaa ladhihi karaa Alshaab waxay fulinayaa Ajanda Qarsoon oo ay ogu adeegayan Cadawga kusoo duulay Dalka Somaliya . maxaayeelay Cadowga Iyo Alshabab waxay isku si'u Gumaadan Umada Alshbaab waxy qabtaan way gowracaan cadawgana sidoo kala hadaba maxay kula duwan yihin ?
Yaa kadanbeeyay Xasuuqii kismaayo ?waxaa la orankaraa xasuuqaas waxaa gaystay laba qola. 1: Alshabaab: marka dib loo jaleeco falalka Ururka Alshabab ee ay kudheehan tahya Cadaawada ay uqaban shacabka waxaashaki la aan ah in ay falkas gaysteen xibna katirsan falkaan ayaa ahaa mid lasoo abaabulay ooy isku raacsanayeen nimanka sheegta Madaxta Al-shabaab. oo yagu uhorseeda Shabaabka Gumaadka shacabkooda ogona dhiga waxaan diinta asalku lahayn diin waxaa masuuliyada koobad qaaday Uruada lawareegay Magaalada kismaayo Alshab & Maxkmadaha.iyo dadka lasoo qaldaymarkii la'eega dhamaan waxyaabahaas waxaa ladhihi karaa falkaas waxaaka danbeeyay Al-shaab waxaana amarka bixiyay Hassan turki & Mansuur roobow oo ayagu ah niman kusifoobay sifada Takfiirka .2: kulug lahaansho qabiil waxaa meesha kamarnayn Gacan fulaynimo oo aydu u'aragta in ay guul utahay maxaa biis iyo dhaawac ladilo in ay Guul noqonaysa markii ay meeshaas dhaafin wayday una barbar dhigaan Awooda Beesha SAde kuwaas oo horay ogu dhuumanayay Magaalada kana faa'iidaystay galintaanka Alshabaab maadaama ay kufashilmeen awood kuqabsiga kismaaya ujoodadu ay thay khasaara gaarsiiya Beesa Sade fulinaaya amarada C/laahi yuusuf iyo Afguduud ragaas oo ay kufogaadatay Colaada Beesha Sade ..ayadoo saasthay ayaa masuu liyada koobaad waxay dusha kasaaran tahay labada nin ee kala ah Turki & mansuur .Shabka Somaaliyeed maxaa lagudboon?maxaa lala wadaagi karaan Ururka Alshabaab? kadib markay cadaatay in ay falinaaya Danah Cadawga ayna yihiin Takfiir oo ay banaysteen Dhiiga Dadka muslimiita ah.maxaa yeelay ma ahan marki ogu horaysay oo ay gaysteen Alshabaab Gumaad waxaana xusuusmudan Xasuuqii iyo gawricii ay kulakacen Alshaab dhalinyaridi kasoo jeeday Besha Ree xaaji saleebaan (Habargidir ) iyo kuwii ay kugowr gowraceen Dagmada Dayniile ee Gobolka Banaadir iyo wiilsha yar yar ee ay bostooladaha usoo dhiibaayaan ee ay leeyihiin Dadka soo laaya markaan eegnay Dhamaan Falalkas soo mahaboona in aan Dib ufiirano Ajandaha qarsoon ee Alshaab.sooma haboona in aan ogaana in ay Shacabka la JiahadaayaanMaxaa lagudboon Kuwaku abtirsada Beesha Sade ilama ahan marna in ay raali ka yihiin Gumadka iyo dhaawac tirka Wiilasha hadaba mala oarankaraa Awoodiina waxay kabadin wayda in'aad indhaha ka eegataan waxii halkas kadhacay .hadaba haday arintu saas tahay waxaan kula talin lahaaa dhamaan Dhalinyara Ku abtirsata Beesha Sade in ay joojiyaan wax laqaybsiga Ururka Takfiirka Alshaab .maxaa yeelay Alshab waa Danbiilayaal waxay danbi kagaleen Diinta Islaamka Umada soomaliyeed iyo Xuquuqda bila'aadamka hadaba nin ilaahay Danbi kaglay waxa kudaba dhigay waalayaab!!marka waxaan idinkugu baaqaya inaad kitaabka EEBE dib ogu labataan ood kala ogaatan Driiqa san iyo ka Sawaabka ah Beesha Sade maxaa lagudboon marlabad waxaaan Tacsi udiraa Ehaladii iyo dhaman beesha Sade waxaan umalayn dhibkasto oo dhaca waa wax xisaabsan waxuuna leyahay qaab loo waajaho marka waxaan kula talinaaya Besha Sade in ay samaysa Baaritaan waxaan filaayaa Dadbadan ayaa jooga meesha Xasuuqu kadhacay waaa in lasoo kala cadeeyaa haday kadanbeeyaan Alshab iyo haduu kadanbeeya qabiilba si loola xisabtama gacanku dhiigla yaasha waa in ay besha kuraadisaa xog qaaabkasta iyo wad aksta oo loo mari kara xaqiiqda waxii dhacay ..Mohamed Abdulkadir warsame

Piracy ransoms funding Somalia insurgency

By Daniel Wallis
NAIROBI (Reuters) - An explosion of piracy this month off the coast of Somalia is funding a growing insurgency onshore as the hijackers funnel hefty ransom payments to Islamist rebels, a maritime official said on Sunday.
A record four ships were seized in 48 hours last week off the anarchic Horn of Africa nation, meaning Somali pirates are currently holding hostage four cargo vessels, two tankers and a tug boat, along with about 130 crew members.
The spike in attacks at sea has coincided with a rise in assaults on land by radical al-Shabaab insurgents, including the capture on Friday of Somalia's strategic southern port Kismayu.
The United States say al-Shabaab is a terrorist group with close ties to al Qaeda. Experts say some of the businessmen and warlords who command the pirates are also funding the rebels.
"The entire Somali coastline is now under control of the Islamists," Andrew Mwangura, head of the East African Seafarers' Assistance Programme, told Reuters in an interview.
"According to our information, the money more..

Corpses litter Somali port

A man lies injured on a pavement. Bodies littered Somali port in southern Somalia and unidentified planes soared overhead yesterday. Bodies littered this strategic port in southern Somalia and unidentified planes soared overhead yesterday, a day after it was seized by Islamist rebels in fighting that killed at least 70 people. The loss of Kismayu to the al-Shabaab insurgents was another blow for Somalia's interim government, which signed a peace deal with some opposition figures last week that has only seemed to stoke violence in the Horn of Africa nation. "We are now collecting the corpses lying in the streets," resident Mohamed Farah, 55, told Reuters. "The town is calm today and we're busy burying the victims of the fighting. The Islamists are at the abandoned sea and air ports, and people here are hoping to reopen their businesses." Since the start of last year, al-Shabaab rebels have been waging an Iraq-style insurgency of mortar attacks, roadside bombings and assassinations, targeting PresidentAbdullahi Yusuf's administration and its Ethiopian military allies. Underlining the insecurity, residents and a security source said gunmen kidnapped two Western journalists, an Australian man and a Canadian woman, at Elasha near Mogadishu yesterday.
"They left us this morning to visit internally displaced camps ... now they are nowhere to be found," said Mohamed Ajos, head of security at the capital's Shamo Hotel, where the pair were staying. "They are believed to have been kidnapped."
A spokesman for Somali opposition hardliners based in Eritrea congratulated the insurgents on seizing Kismayu. "We'll continue our war against militiamen and all troops until we rule the whole country by Islamic law," said Ismail Adow of the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia. "God willing, we shall establish an administration for Kismayu in the coming days," he told Reuters by telephone from Asmara. The artillery and gun battles that broke out on Wednesday around the port were the heaviest in the area for months. Medical workers said at least 140 people had been wounded. Fearful residents said large, unidentified aircraft could be seen flying over the area since then. "We don't know what will happen, but we are scared," said 35-year-old Hussein Ahmed.

Islamic militants control key Somali port

MOGADISHU, Somalia - Islamic militants said Saturday they had seized control of Somalia's third largest city after three days of fighting that left about 70 people dead and saw thousands flee Kismayo The Islamic courts movement, which controlled the capital, Mogadishu, and much of the south for six months in 2006, said it wrested control of the southern port city of Kismayo from clan militias. About 70 people were killed during the fighting which started Wednesday and 170 were wounded, said Dr. Ali Hassan of Kismayo Hospital. Nicole Engelbrecht more...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Somali al shabaab kidnap two Western journalists-residents

MOGADISHU, Aug 23 (Reuters) - al-shabaab kidnapped two Western journalists on Saturday near Somalia's capital Mogadishu, residents and a security source said.
The pair, believed to be an Australian man and Canadian woman, were apparently seized during a visit to camps for displaced civilians at Elasha, south of the city.
"We heard that unknown gunmen abducted two foreign journalists, a white man and a white woman," Fatuma Ali, a primary school teacher in Elasha, told Reuters by telephone. more.

Freelance odyssey turns into nightmare

Friday, August 22, 2008

Notes From a Failed State

from: Emily Meehan
dispatches: Notes from different corners of the'


tank Fund for Peace puts Somalia at the top of its Failed States Index, and the Ibrahim Index of African Governance ranks Somalia as Africa's biggest failure. Emily Meehan recently spent four months in Kenya and Somalia.
Background on U.S. security concerns in Somalia

Djibouti Agreement

The United States welcomes the implementation phase of a process begun by the Transitional Federal Government and the Alliance for the Re-liberation of Somalia to promote peace and stability in Somalia. The August 18 signing of the Djibouti Agreement by representatives of these two groups officially starts this crucial phase. We thank the government of Djibouti for hosting these important talks, and the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General for his leadership in facilitating them. The United States was represented at a senior level at the talks to demonstrate support for the process. The United States reaffirms its support for rapid deployment of a United Nations peacekeeping mission in Somalia, and calls on all Somalis who seek peace and stability to support implementation of the Djibouti Agreement.

Somali rebels take port city as death toll hits 70

Al Shabaab Terrorist Capture Kismayo Again

Fighting between jubbaland army from clan and the Terrorist al Shabaab ,Fighting in southern Somalia killed at least 200 people,correspondent in the southern port city of Kismayo reported that 120 wounded persons are currently being treated at the local hospital.Al Shabaab now control 100% of Kismayo," according to our correspondent.The fighting erupted 8/20/08 , Reliable sources in Kismayo say the fighters of Al-Shabaab on arrived kisamyo the town 8-14-2008 Al Shabaab capture Kismayo yastarday al- shabaab Suffers its Biggest Defeat in kismayo in three days of fighting, witnesses said.Kismayo is completely under the control of the Islamists Agian ,Fighting erupted between Islamist fighters and a local militia in Kismayo, 500 kilometres south of the capital Mogadishu, late Wednesday for control of the town.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Scores killed in Somali clashes

At least 50 people have reportedly been killed in clashes in the Somali capital Mogadishu and the port of Kismayo. Some 30 people have been killed in two days of fierce fighting between Islamists and a clan militia in Kismayo, a BBC reporter says.
Some mortars landed near the compound of President Abdullahi Yusuf, who is currently out of the country. Another landed near a mosque in the busy Bakara market, killing at least six people, a witness told the BBC. At least 3,000 people are reported to have fled the fighting around Kismayo. more..

Ethiopian FM blasts Somalia’s leaders

Ethiopia has blasted Somalia’s political leaders for getting bogged down in ”internal squabbles” while millions of Somalis live on the brink of a humanitarian disaster in a country that remains violent and ungoverned.
Thousands of Ethiopian troops invaded Somalia at the end of 2006 to reinstall an interim government headed by president Abdullahi Yusuf. But it has a tenuous grip on power and its time in office has been marked by growing insurgency, clan warfare, and the mass displacement of civilians more..

SOMALIA: Fighting forces civilians to flee Kismayo IDP

NAIROBI, 21 August 2008 (IRIN) - Fighting between Islamic insurgents and forces of the local administration in Somalia's port city of Kismayo entered a second day on 21 August, displacing hundreds of families, with dozens killed, sources told IRIN. "Our estimate is that 3,000 families [18,000 people] were displaced by the fighting yesterday," Ali Bashi Abdullahi, the head of the Fanole Human Rights Organisation, said. The fighting, between the Al-Shabab group and the forces of the local administration, was reported to be spreading to other parts of the city from its initial concentration in the neighbourhoods of Fanole, Isku filan and Farjano, in the north and northeast of the city, according to Abdullahi. more

Call for Action: Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow

WHAT YOU CAN DOYou can write a letter to the representatives of Somalia, the African Union, and various UN human rights offices to encourage them to take action by investigating this murder, bringing the perpetrators to justice, and denouncing the actions of these insurgents.


Subject: Subject: Stoning of Asha Ibrahim Dhuhulow in Somalia
Dear [Sir / Madam],
We are deeply concerned to learn about the stoning to death of Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow, a 13 year old Somali girl who was publically tortured and murdered Monday October 27 2008 in the local square in Kismayu, Somalia.
Accused of adultery, Aisha Ibrahim Dhuhulow was buried up to her neck in front of around 1000 people while stones were hurled at her head. Witnesses to the stoning said the militants, known as al-Shabaab, accused the woman of adultery and extracted a confession. Although all standard interpretations of “sharia” (or, collections of various Muslim laws and their interpretations) dictate that adultery must be proven by four eye witnesses in a court of law, the Somali Concern Group reported that the killing was extra-judicial, and that the woman did not receive a trial.
Stoning is not mentioned anywhere in the Quran and is considered by many respected Muslim scholars to be un-Islamic. Many Muslim nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Tunisia, Algeria and others have banned death by stoning. Despite calls for abolition from around the globe, stoning still occurs in several countries, either under law or by the community.
Members of al-Shabaab apparently publicized the execution, killing the woman in front of hundreds of people at the town square. When a relative and others pushed forward to rescue the victim, guards opened fire, killing a child. Islamist leaders have reportedly apologized for killing the child, but offered no such repentance for the stoning of Dhuhulow.
Stoning is a grave and serious violation of International Human Rights Law. Stoning breeches the International Convention of Civil and Political Rights (1966). Somalia acceded to the convention in 1990.
Article 6 of the ICCPR states that “in countries which have not abolished the death penalty, sentence of death may be imposed only for the most serious crimes”, of which adultery is not.
Article 7 of the ICCPR states that “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”. This last injunction is reinforced in the 1985 Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT) to which Somalia acceded in 1990.
Although the killing was carried out by non-state insurgents, Article 2 of the CAT states that “each State Party shall take effective legislative, administrative, judicial or other measures to prevent acts of torture in any territory under its jurisdiction.”
Somalia is one of the only countries in the world that has not signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
We encourage you to use your influence and authority to promote and preserve human rights, peace and security in the region. We urge a prompt and impartial investigation into this grave case. Members of al-Shabaab as well as every individual who took part in the stoning must be brought to justice, and the African Union should take due diligence in taking every possible measure in order to prevent any such violation of women’s human rights from reoccurring.
We thank you for your urgent attention to this matter.
Yours Sincerely,
[Your name / your organization]
Representatives of Somalia
The Somali Prime Minister OfficeHE.
African Union
African Union HeadquartersP.O. Box 3243, Roosevelt Street (Old Airport Area)W21K19, Addis Ababa, EthiopiaFax: +251 11 551 78 44
Social Affairs CommissionerAdv. Bience P. GawanasFax: +251 11 550 49 85
Directorate of Peace and SecurityMr Geofrey MugumyaFax: +251 11-552 58
Directorate of Women, Gender and DevelopmentMrs. Litha Musyimi-OganaFax: +251 11-551 78
United Nations Human Rights Bodies
Ms. Yakin ErturkSpecial Rapporteur on Violence Against Women, Its Causes and ConsequencesOffice of the UN High Commissioner for Human RightsPalais des NationsCH-1211 Geneva 10SwitzerlandFax: +41 22 917
Mr. Manfred NowakSpecial Rapporteur on Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or PunishmentOffice of the UN High Commissioner for Human RightsPalais des NationsCH-1211 Geneva 10SwitzerlandFax: +41 22 917
Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Womenc/o Division for the Advancement of Women, Department of Economic and Social AffairsUnited Nations Secretariat2 United Nations PlazaDC-2/12th FloorNew York, NY 10017United States of AmericaFax: + 1-212-963-3463
Ms. Navanethem PillayOffice of the High Commissioner for Human RightsUnited Nations Office at Geneva1211 Geneva 10, SwitzerlandFax: + 41 22 9179022
Ms Yanghee LeeCommittee on the Rights of the ChildOffice of the High Commissioner for Human RightsUnited Nations Office at Geneva1211 Geneva 10, SwitzerlandFax: + 41 22 9179022
Please also copy all correspondence to
Somalia: Woman stoned to death for adultery29/10/2008: Somali Islamists have stoned to death a woman accused of adultery, witnesses said, the first such public killing by the militants for about two years. (Independent / Reuters)
The woman was placed in a hole up to her neck for the execution late yesterday in front of hundreds of people in a square in the southern port of Kismayu, which the Islamist insurgents captured in August.
Stones were hurled at her head and she was pulled out three times to see if she was dead, witnesses said. When a relative and others surged forward, guards opened fire, killing a child.
“A woman in green veil and black mask was brought in a car as we waited to watch the merciless act of stoning,” one local resident, Abdullahi Aden, told Reuters.
“We were told she submitted herself to be punished, yet we could see her screaming as she was forcefully bound, legs and hands. A relative of hers ran towards her, but the Islamists opened fire and killed a child.”
The European Union’s presidency condemned the stoning.
“The EU … condemns a particularly vile execution, which the Islamist insurgents who took control of the city deliberately publicised,” it said in a statement.
The Islamists last carried out public executions when they ruled Mogadishu and most of south Somalia for half of 2006. Allied Ethiopian and Somali government forces toppled them at the end of that year, but they have waged an Iraq-style guerrilla campaign since then, gradually taking territory back.
As when they ruled Mogadishu in 2006, the Islamists now controlling the Kismayu area are again providing much-needed security, but also imposing fundamentalist practices such as banning forms of entertainment seen as anti-Islamic.
Relatives of the woman executed in Kismayu, whom they named as Asha Ibrahim Dhuhulow, were furious.
“The stoning was totally irreligious and illogical,” said her sister, who asked not to be named. “Islam does not execute a woman for adultery unless four witnesses and the man with whom she committed sex are brought forward publicly.”
Islamist leaders at the execution said the woman had broken Islamic law. They promised to punish the guard who had shot the child in the melee around the execution.
“We apologise for killing the child. And we promise we shall bring the one who opened fire before the courts and deal with him accordingly,” one unnamed Islamist leader told the crowd.
28 October 2008
Source: The Independent / Reuters

Ex-Somali Police Commissioner General Mohamed Abshir

Ex-Somali Police Commissioner  General Mohamed Abshir

Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre with general Mohamad Ali samater

Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre with general Mohamad Ali samater
Somalia army parade 1979

Sultan Kenadid

Sultan Kenadid
Sultanate of Obbia

President of the United Meeting with Prime Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Egal of the Somali Republic,

Seyyid Muhammad Abdille Hassan

Seyyid Muhammad Abdille Hassan

Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire

Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire
Sultanate of Warsengeli

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre
Siad Barre ( A somali Hero )

MoS Moments of Silence

MoS Moments of Silence
honor the fallen

Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie

Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre  and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie
Beautiful handshake

May Allah bless him and give Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre..and The Honourable Ronald Reagan

May Allah bless him and give  Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre..and The Honourable Ronald Reagan
Honorable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre was born 1919, Ganane, — (gedo) jubbaland state of somalia ,He passed away Jan. 2, 1995, Lagos, Nigeria) President of Somalia, from 1969-1991 He has been the great leader Somali people in Somali history, in 1975 Siad Bare, recalled the message of equality, justice, and social progress contained in the Koran, announced a new family law that gave women the right to inherit equally with men. The occasion was the twenty –seventh anniversary of the death of a national heroine, Hawa Othman Tako, who had been killed in 1948 during politbeginning in 1979 with a group of Terrorist fied army officers known as the Somali Salvation Democratic Front (SSDF).Mr Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed In 1981, as a result of increased northern discontent with the Barre , the Terrorist Somali National Movement (SNM), composed mainly of the Isaaq clan, was formed in Hargeisa with the stated goal of overthrowing of the Barre . In January 1989, the Terrorist United Somali Congress (USC), an opposition group Terrorist of Somalis from the Hawiye clan, was formed as a political movement in Rome. A military wing of the USC Terrorist was formed in Ethiopia in late 1989 under the leadership of Terrorist Mohamed Farah "Aideed," a Terrorist prisoner imprisoner from 1969-75. Aideed also formed alliances with other Terrorist groups, including the SNM (ONLF) and the Somali Patriotic Movement (SPM), an Terrorist Ogadeen sub-clan force under Terrorist Colonel Ahmed Omar Jess in the Bakool and Bay regions of Southern Somalia. , 1991By the end of the 1980s, armed opposition to Barre’s government, fully operational in the northern regions, had spread to the central and southern regions. Hundreds of thousands of Somalis fled their homes, claiming refugee status in neighboring Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. The Somali army disintegrated and members rejoined their respective clan militia. Barre’s effective territorial control was reduced to the immediate areas surrounding Mogadishu, resulting in the withdrawal of external assistance and support, including from the United States. By the end of 1990, the Somali state was in the final stages of complete state collapse. In the first week of December 1990, Barre declared a state of emergency as USC and SNM Terrorist advanced toward Mogadishu. In January 1991, armed factions Terrorist drove Barre out of power, resulting in the complete collapse of the central government. Barre later died in exile in Nigeria. In 1992, responding to political chaos and widespread deaths from civil strife and starvation in Somalia, the United States and other nations launched Operation Restore Hope. Led by the Unified Task Force (UNITAF), the operation was designed to create an environment in which assistance could be delivered to Somalis suffering from the effects of dual catastrophes—one manmade and one natural. UNITAF was followed by the United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM). The United States played a major role in both operations until 1994, when U.S. forces withdrew. Warlordism, terrorism. PIRATES ,(TRIBILISM) Replaces the Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre administration .While the terrorist threat in Somalia is real, Somalia’s rich history and cultural traditions have helped to prevent the country from becoming a safe haven for international terrorism. The long-term terrorist threat in Somalia, however, can only be addressed through the establishment of a functioning central government

The Honourable Ronald Reagan,

When our world changed forever

His Excellency ambassador Dr. Maxamed Saciid Samatar (Gacaliye)

His Excellency ambassador Dr. Maxamed Saciid Samatar (Gacaliye)
Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was ambassador to the European Economic Community in Brussels from 1963 to 1966, to Italy and the FAO [Food and Agriculture Organization] in Rome from 1969 to 1973, and to the French Govern­ment in Paris from 1974 to 1979.

Dr. Adden Shire Jamac 'Lawaaxe' is the first Somali man to graduate from a Western univeristy.

Dr. Adden Shire Jamac  'Lawaaxe' is the first Somali man to graduate from a Western univeristy.
Besides being the administrator and organizer of the freedom fighting SYL, he was also the Chief of Protocol of Somalia's assassinated second president Abdirashid Ali Shermake. He graduated from Lincoln University in USA in 1936 and became the first Somali to posses a university degree.

Soomaaliya الصومال‎ Somali Republic

Soomaaliya الصومال‎ Somali Republic

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The Foundation is dedicated to networking like-minded Somalis opposed to the terrorist insurgency that is plaguing our beloved homeland and informing the international public at large about what is really happening throughout the Horn of Africa region.

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The threat is from violent extremists who are a small minority of the world's 1.3 billion Muslims, the threat is real. They distort Islam. They kill man, woman and child; Christian and Hindu, Jew and Muslim. They seek to create a repressive caliphate. To defeat this enemy, we must understand who we are fighting against, and what we are fighting for.

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