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Al Shabaab claim attack on Turkish mission in Somalia, three dead

(Reuters) - A car loaded with explosives rammed into an office housing Turkish embassy staff in the Somali capital, killing three people, witnesses and officials said on Saturday, the latest in a series of blasts claimed by Islamist al Shabaab rebels.
Al Shabaab was pushed out of bases in Mogadishu by Somali and African forces about two years ago, raising hopes of a return to relative security in a city hit by years of war.
But the militants have kept up guerrilla-style attacks and continue to control large rural areas, challenging the authority of a government less than a year old.
The group has carried out several brazen attacks in the last two months, including one on an African peacekeeping convoy that killed 8 and another on the main U.N. compound in Mogadishu that killed 22 people.
"A suicide car bomb targeted a building housing Turkish embassy workers near K4 (Kilometre Four)," police officer Ahmed Mohamud told Reuters from the scene of the blast.
Three people were killed and nine others were wounded, he said.
"The car was taking advantage of a Turkish car that was going into the building, thus the car bomb exploded and destroyed the gate," he said.
A Turkish government official told Reuters that one Turkish security officer was killed when the mission's guards clashed with the attackers as they attempted to enter the complex.
Three Turkish officers were being treated for their wounds, Turkey's Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
Al Shabaab, who said earlier this month they would increase attacks during the Ramadan fasting period, claimed responsibility for the bombing on their Twitter feed.
"Mujahideen forces in Mogadishu have just carried out an operation targeting a group of Turkish diplomats in Hodan district," al Shabaab said.
"All the Mujahideen who carried out the operation have returned safely back to their bases inside Mogadishu, preparing for the next operation."
Somalia is attempting to rebuild itself after two decades of civil war and lawlessness, triggered by the overthrow of president Siad Barre in 1991.
The fragile government is being backed by international aid aimed at preventing it from becoming a haven for al Qaeda-style militants in east Africa.
Turkey has led efforts to help Somalia, pouring some $400 million of aid into the country since 2011, most of it from private companies.
Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who became the first non-African leader to visit Somalia in nearly 20 years when he traveled there in 2011, said the attack was carried out by "supposed Muslims".
"They are doing this against our government. Why? Because we are helping our brothers in Mogadishu," Erdogan said in a speech that was broadcast live.
Turkey has also sought a greater diplomatic role in the region, including brokering dialogue this year between Somalia and Somaliland.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Jubbaland forces arrest suspects after Kismayo attack

Jubbaland security forces arrested several suspected al-Shabaab sympathisers Sunday (July 21st) in Kismayo following a landmine attack Saturday that killed at least five civilians, UN-funded Radio Bar-Kulan reported
Security operations will continue until the city is entirely stable, said senior administration official Moalim Mohamed Ibrahim.
He said a committee was appointed to investigate the attack, which targeted an African Union Mission in Somalia convoy carrying Sierra Leonean troops.

Facebook accused of liking Somalia pirates

UN experts on sanctions blasted Facebook for refusing to answer questions about maritime piracy that is believed to be organised on the social media website.
Reporting to the UN Security Council, they say that Somali pirates are supported by a network of accomplices, including bankers, businessmen, politicians and aid workers .
"Investigations have confirmed that these myriad facilitators are interlinked through various communication channels and employ social network services, such as Facebook," said their report.
They added, "Despite repeated official correspondence addressed to Facebook Inc., it has never responded to monitoring group requests to discuss information on Facebook accounts belonging to individuals involved in hijackings and hostage-taking."
The experts say other private companies are providing "active and comprehensive support".
Facebook has not replied.
Database of Press Releases related to Somalia via
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Council conclusions on Somalia / FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting / Brussels, 22 July 2013

BRUSSELS, Kingdom of Belgium, July 22, 2013 The Council adopted the following conclusions: .
“1. The European Union (EU) welcomes the progress made in Somalia in establishing the foundations for re-building the Somali state by the Federal Government of Somalia. It reconfirms its support for the Federal Government and urges it to reach out to all regions of the country and engage in inclusive dialogue to build a viable and stable representative federal State. The EU equally urges regions to engage with the Government in this process. Swift establishment of interim regional and local administrations remains critical to provide governance and deliver social services to the population in newly accessible areas of Somalia. Rapid progress on the Constitutional Review process is therefore essential and will underpin the political and reconciliation processes.

2. Political progress remains the key to ensuring long-term stability for Somalia. The EU commends the role of the Federal Parliament in developing an institutional roadmap that sets benchmarks until 2016 when general elections are due to take place in Somalia. The EU welcomes the steps taken by the Federal Parliament in reaching out to the regions in order to assure that the roadmap is owned across the country. The EU looks forward to the Federal Government’s overarching political vision resulting from an inclusive dialogue with all Somali stakeholders and regions, which will be presented at the Brussels New Deal Conference for Somalia in September. This vision should underpin the New Deal Compact framing Somalia’s most urgent reconstruction priorities until 2016, which would be endorsed by the international community in September.

European Council

Database of Press Releases related to Somalia via
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Al-Shabaab ‘setting up fresh units’

PHOTO | LABAN WALLOGA GSU walking past a van set on fire in Majengo area in Mombasa after angry youths went in protest following the death of fiery Islamic preacher Sheikh Aboud Rogo in this picture taken on August 28, 2012. The preacher was gunned down by unknown gunmen along Mombasa-Malindi highway at Bamburi. NATION MEDIA GROUP

Al-Shabaab militants are coming to Kenya to set up new terror networks, a United Nations report says.
The report by Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea links them to Al-Hijra— an organisation it says changed name from Muslim Youth Centre (MYC).
MYC was associated with slain Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo who was shot dead in Mombasa in August last year.
“Al-Hijra is striving to regain the initiative, in part through its fighters in Somalia returning to conduct new and more complex operations, and through strengthening its ties to other groups in the region,” the report dated July 12 says.
Faults Kenya
This is the document that also faults Kenya Defence Forces’ Operation Linda Nchi in Somalia, accusing the troops of allowing illegal export of charcoal. Kenya has denied the claims.
It explains that extremists in Kenya are seeking to form new local networks because the military operations in Somalia have weakened Al-Shabaab.
Besides Sheikh Rogo’s death, active Al-Hijra members have disappeared, according to the report. “Al-Hijra members were plagued by unexplained killings, disappearances, continuous “catch and release” arrest raids and operational disruptions under the “Al-Shabaab/East Africa Al-Qaeda Disruption Initiative,” it says.
The report names Sylvester Opiyo a.k.a. Musa Osodo, Jeremiah Onyango Okumu and Steven Mwanzia Osaka.

Somalia - Al Shabaab 'Infiltrates' Intelligence Services in Mogadishu: UN

Mogadishu — The UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea's new annual report to the UN Security Council portrays a harrowing picture of security institutions in Mogadishu, where senior government officials are allegedly working in cohorts with Al Shabaab militants, further destabilizing Mogadishu's fragile security, Garowe Online reports.
The UN investigators found that the Somali government officials in Mogadishu "use Al Shabaab agents", adding that the "Monitoring Group has received information relating to the infiltration of Al-Shabaab networks into the National Intelligence and Security Agency of Somalia," according to the UN report, issued to the UN Security Council in New York earlier this month.
Continuing, the UN reports raises particular concern regarding the role of former director of NISA, Mr. Ahmed Mo'alim Fiqi nominated by former TFG President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, and the report says that Mr. Fiqi who resigned in March 2013 as director of NISA "enjoys a close relationship with Al Shabaab".
"Senior TFG officials have voiced concerns that Fiqi used Al-Shabaab agents to target political opponents within the government. One senior security official that worked with Fiqi informed the Monitoring Group that several Al-Shabaab suspects he arrested claimed to be working as agents for Fiqi," the UN report states.
Al Shabaab's infiltration in Mogadishu was partly aided by former TFG President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed's unexplained decision to release "more than 200 Al Shabaab prisoners" in Mogadishu, in August 2012. By September 12, 2012, "two of the suicide bombers involved in the attack on the Jazira Hotel in Mogadishu on 12 September 2012, when President Hassan Sheikh was addressing his first press conference as President, were former prisoners who had been released in August," the report notes.
Moreover, the report condemns the role of a certain Mr. Artan Abdi Ibrahim (Artan Bidar), "a known security consultant in Mogadishu who has provided private security protection for Government officials but who has been also identified by senior security officials as an agent for Al-Shabaab," the report says.
The report accuses Mr. Artan Bidar of engaging in "contract killings" and that he is under investigation since 2012 by security services "for the alleged assassination of at least several individuals in Mogadishu". Continuing, the report notes, "In addition to independently providing assassins for contract killings, Artan Bidar coordinates with Al-Shabaab hit squads through family connections with Ali Dheere," the spokesman for Al Shabaab militants, with whom Artan Bidar shares clan affiliation.
Somali government forces, aided by AMISOM peacekeepers successfully removed Al Shabaab military component from Mogadishu, but Al Shabaab militants continue to carry out targeted assassinations and devastating bomb attacks. Last week, the militants are suspected of fatally shooting Deputy Commissioner of Mogadishu's Yaaqshiid district, Ms. Rahmo Dahir.
On April 14, at least 20 people were killed when Al Shabaab militants raided Mogadishu's courthouse; again on June 19, at least 22 persons including four foreigners were killed in a daring Al Shabaab attack on a U.N. compound in Mogadishu.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Somalia - Ethiopia and Amisom Commanders Meet, Battle Occurs in Bay Region

Baidoa, Somalia July 18, 2013 — The officials of Ethiopian troops stationed in Somalia and the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) met in Bay regional capital of Baidoa on Thursday, Garowe Online reports.
The two officials discussed about the security situation of Baidoa following the withdrawal of Ethiopian troops from Bay and Bakool regions in southern Somalia and the measures required for its strengthening. The meeting held in Baidoa was also a farewell for Ethiopian troops, who have been vacating Bay and Bakool regions since last month.
Speaking at the meeting, the commander of Ethiopian troops operating in Somalia Gen. Yohannes said the chief plan of Ethiopian government forces stationed in Somalia isn't to completely withdraw from Somalia rather than to remain some vicinity in Somalia.
"We have planned to vacate Baidoa and the other regional districts but we will remain some parts in Somalia, we will be with you [Somali people] till Somalia gets rid of Al Shabaab," he added.
Continuing, Mr. Yohannes vowed that his troops will combat Al Qaeda linked Al Shabaab extremists in every place "Al Shabaab is the enemy of the Somali people and the East of Africa nations, we won't leave Somalia since Al Shabaab wants to harm these people and others and we will intensify the fight against them".
On the other hand, AMISOM officials who were present during the bilateral discussions told that they will fill the bases vacated by Ethiopian troops and called on the locals to cooperate with AMISOM forces on the ongoing plan of tightening the security and restoring the stability of Bay region.
Four killed as Al Shabaab attack Aw Dinle town
Heavy fighting erupted in Aw Dinle town of Bay region in southern Somalia between Somali government forces and Al Shabaab militants, Garowe Online reports.
Eyewitnesses reported that Thursday's fighting lasted for nearly an hour, leading to casualties consisting of 4 dead bodies and 10 wounded.
"The fighting was heavy and resulted casualty figures including civilians, we heard the sound of heavy gunfire and the fighting lasted for nearly one hour," said an eyewitness Omar Malaq who spoke to the media by telephone from Aw Dinle.
Aw Dinle Mayor Mohamed Abdullahi told the media that the Somali government forces gained the upper hand by repulsing the Al Shabaab attack on Aw Dinle.
Spokesman for Al Shabaab group said their militia killed a number of soldiers but he declined to comment on the casualties on their side.
This fighting comes as the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) declared that they will handle the security situation of Bay region and it is noteworthy to mention that AMISOM troops and the Somali government forces are co-located in Baidoa military bases where Ethiopian troops vacated last week.

Jubbaland Opposes Spoilers, Not the Constitution - Part II | WardheerNews

Jubbaland Opposes Spoilers, Not the Constitution - Part II | WardheerNews

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Islamist group in Somalia bans samosas after deciding they're too Western.Militants believe triangular snack 'resembles Christian Holy Trinity'

Somalia's al-Shabaab group has banned samosas after ruling the popular snacks are 'offensive' and too Christian.
Militant Islamist fighters last week used vehicles mounted with loudspeakers to announce the bizarre ruling across the regions of the war-torn country it controls.
The extremist group has offered no official explanation for the ban on the triangular snacks, which are commonly cooked up and served across the Horn of Africa.
The bizarre ban comes just days after militants linked to Al-Qaida in Somalia refused to let some aid workers into the country as tens of thousands suffered in the nation's massive famine.
Aid groups including the UN Food Programme say they were not given permission by militants to provide aid in the country, where it has been warned that 800,000 children could die from starvation.
It is now thought islamist militants have taken offence at the three-sided samosa's supposed resemblance to symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity.
Kenya's Daily Nation newspaper today reported that residents of the Somali town of Afgoye, 20 miles south of the capital Mogadishu, had confirmed the samosa ban had been imposed.
The fried snacks, usually filled with spicy meat or vegetables, have been served for centuries in the East African country.
But the newspaper said locals believed al-Shabaab leaders had decided the triangular shape was not compatible with their strict version of Islam.Read more:

Press Release: Dawladda Soomaaliya umadda way ka dhaxeysaa, Beel gaar ah ma lahan.

Ujeeddo: Dawladdu umadda way ka dhaxaysaa, Beel gaar ah ma lahan!
Ururka aqoonyahanka Jubaland waxay markale ka digayaan khatarta dalku sii galayo maalinba maalinta ka danbaysa iyadoo maalinba maalinka ka dambaysa ay soo baxayaan qorshayaal ka dhan ah midnimada Soomaaliyeed oo ay kooxda yar ee madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh Maxamuud kamid yahay ay talada maroorsanayaan.
Iyadoo Jubaland ay wali kasoo kabanayso dagaalkii ay dawladda Xasan soo abaabushay dad badanna ku dhinteen, qaarna ku dhaawacmeen ayaa haddana dawladda Xasan ay si toos ah u taageeraysaa Barre Hiiraale oo sheegey inuu kumilmay Alshabaab ayna Kismaayo duulaan kuwada yihiin. Kasakoow hadalada Barre Hiiraale uu ku sheegtay inuu yahay Alshabaab ma dhicin in masuul kamid ah dawladdu caddeeyo mawqifka dawladda iskana bari yeelaan Barre Hiiraale.
Dawladda Xasan ayaa caadaysatay inay si toos ah uga hortimaaddo maamul goboleedyada Beelaha qaar sida Puntland iyo Jubaland isagoo dhanka kalena taageero badan oo dhaqaale iyo mid maskaxeedba siinaya maamulada Galmudug, Ximan & Xeeb iyo Somaliland.
Golaha aqoonyahanka Jubbaland markuu darsay arimahan hoos ku qoran;
1- In magaalada Kismaayo laga reebo meelaha ay qaramada midoobay booqanayaan
2- In maamulka Somaliland loo ogolaanayo waxwalb oo ay dalbadaan iyadoo maamulka Puntland waxwalba laga xayirayo
3- Kadib markii hawada Soomaali oo dhan ka dhaxeysa lagu laaluushay Somaliland lana goaamiyay iin waxii kasoo baxa ay Xamar iyo Hargeysa si siman u kala qaataan
4- Kadib markii aan ogaanay in dawladdu ay waddo guluf colaadeed oo ku jeeda Kismaayo, ayna si toos ah ula shaqaynayaan Alshabaab si ay dib ugu qabsadaan Kismaayo
5- Kadib markii ciidamada AMISOM lakala xigsaday lana soo kala dhawaystay iyadoo AMISOM ay mid tahay
6- Kadib markii aan ogaanay in mashaariic aad ubadan oo dalku leeyahay kaliya loo qoondeeyey gobolada qaar meesha qaar badanna laga qadiyay
Ururka aqoonyahanka Jubaland kadib dabagal iyo fiirsasho dheer waxaa usoo baxday in xafiiska madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh uu yahay mid ay 98% ay ka shaqeeyaan masuuliyiin beeshiisa ah oo aragtidooda ku koobay sidii ay beelaha qaar ula dagaalami lahaayeen.
Haddaba anagoo ka duulayna arimahaas sare ku xusan waxaan soo jeedinaynaa arimahan
1- In guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanku uu difaaco dastuurka iyo daryeelka dalka iyo diinta oo uu dhaartay
2- in madaxweynuhu uu dib u eego shaqaalaha ku xeeran uuna xafiiska madaxweynaha ka dhigo mid ushaqeeya umadda oo dhan
3- in dawladdu iska fogeyso Barre Hiiraale oo hadda caddaystey inuu yahay Alshabaab caalamkana u sheegto mawqifkeed
4- In Puntland aan lagu riixin inay ku dhawaaqaan gooni isku taag
5- In madaxweynuhu raali galin ka dhiibo dadkii iyo hantidii ku luntay dagaalkii Kismaayo
6- In Jubaland si dagdag ah loo ictiraafo iyo in ciidamada AMISOM raali galin laga siiyo jaaifadii loo geystay cutubkooda ka hawlgala Kismaayo
Haddii ay arimahan kor ku xusan dawladdu il gaar ah ku eegi waydo waxaa halis ah midnimadii Soomaaliyeed waxaana hubaal ah inaan laga faaiidaynin dhibaatada ay madaxda dalku horseedayso. Waxaa soo badanaya rajo xumo laga qabo dawladdii loo hanweynaa ee lagu wayday inay dalka u dhaxayso, kana shaqayso caddaaladda. Balse talaabooyin badan oo muuqda iyo dhibaatada gobolka Banaadir ka taagan ma saamaxayso in dawlad lagu sii ahaado. Umadda Soomaaliyeed waa inay dareemaan in dalku dalkoodii yahay oo aysan ku fiirsan tala xumada muuqata. Guddoomiyaha Baarlamaanku waa inuu difaacaa dastuurka Federaalka ah ee Soomaali ku heshiisay waana in Badda iyo Hawada Soomaaliyeed aan laga galin gorgorton.
Talo adigaa ku Nool!
Ururuka Aqoonyahanka Jubaland

jububland government troops conduct house to house search against hawiye sponsor criminals

Jubbaland administration forces have today have carried out a massive security operation in the coastal city of Kismayo, southern Somalia in a bid to ensure security and stability of the port city. Terror Free Somaliareporter in the area states that the forces conducted the operations in Calanley and Gulwade neighborhoods.The forces arrested suspects believed to have been orchestrating insecurity in Kismayo and also discovered illegal firearms.The security officials in the area have not yet commented on the operation.The communication in the city has reportedly been cut off during the operation, for security reasons.

Monday, July 1, 2013

press release : jubbaland state of somalia

                                                  JUBBALAND STATE OF SOMALIA

PRESS RELEASE July 01, 2013       


JubalandJubbaland Statement on Recent Conflict in Kismayo  The administration of Jubbaland State of Somalia and its leaders regret the unsolicited causalities and painful displacement brought upon our peace loving citizens.This latest loss that befell on the weekend of June 28-30, 2013, would certainly compound the already gigantic human and material challenges the region is facing.  Had it not been the handiwork of criminal and spoilers of peace, the loss of life and material wealth could have been avoided.  It is to be recalled that the administration in Mogadishu has been sending hordes of conflict instigator and spoilers to Kismayo for the past three months.These individuals whose names are listed below for the world to know must be brought to a court of law to answer to those families who lost their loved ones, and to the administration of Jubbaland State of Somalia who worked hard, in collaboration with AMISOM Forces to bring peace and stability to the region by defeating the terrorist group of Al-Shabab.Despite the IGAD Summit communique of the 22nd Extra-ordinary session on the situation in Somalia and that of UN Press Statement on June 13, 2013 which says “All parties to refrain from any action which may threaten peace and stability in the Juba regions”, Mogadishu is still irritating the Jubbaland Administration to generate anxiety and clashes among the clans.Mogadishu has organized the former warlords namely Barre Adan Shire (Hirale), Col. Abass Ibrahim Gurey, Abdi Balley Hussein, Iftin Hassan Basto, Omar Burale Ali, with the support from Al-Shabaab igniting war in Kismayo and massacring the innocent citizens.SFG and its agents must be held accountable by massacring innocent people of Jubbaland.  Jubaland administration has repeatedly appealed IGAD, UN and other peace loving International Communities to exert pressure SFG refrain from their evil efforts of creating disloyalty in the Jubaland community and unfortunately, SFG is still planning to organize more conflict in Jubbaland State of Somalia.International Community shouldn’t be passive observer, who perceives events that is taking place in Kismayo as an isolated accident. It has a potential spillover and catastrophic negative humanitarian consequences. We appeal for International Community an urgent humanitarian intervention to Jubbaland as more innocent civilian people have wounded on recent Kismayo conflict.The people of Jubbaland through their traditional and political leaders, has established their Regional Federal State in accordance with the Provisional Federal constitution of Somalia with the intention of building stability, law and order in the regions after the 23 years of instability in Somalia.We therefore, urge the International community and IGAD to act that the Mogadishu exertion in Kismayo to banish Jubbaland people’s constitutional choice, source hostility and animosity among the reconciled clans, who have initiated and fully participated the formation of the regional state.

Abdinasser Serar+252-616070007—————————–END

Ex-Somali Police Commissioner General Mohamed Abshir

Ex-Somali Police Commissioner  General Mohamed Abshir

Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre with general Mohamad Ali samater

Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre with general Mohamad Ali samater
Somalia army parade 1979

Sultan Kenadid

Sultan Kenadid
Sultanate of Obbia

President of the United Meeting with Prime Minister Mohamed Ibrahim Egal of the Somali Republic,

Seyyid Muhammad Abdille Hassan

Seyyid Muhammad Abdille Hassan

Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire

Sultan Mohamud Ali Shire
Sultanate of Warsengeli

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre

Commemorating the 40th anniversary of Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre
Siad Barre ( A somali Hero )

MoS Moments of Silence

MoS Moments of Silence
honor the fallen

Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie

Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre  and His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie
Beautiful handshake

May Allah bless him and give Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre..and The Honourable Ronald Reagan

May Allah bless him and give  Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre..and The Honourable Ronald Reagan
Honorable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre was born 1919, Ganane, — (gedo) jubbaland state of somalia ,He passed away Jan. 2, 1995, Lagos, Nigeria) President of Somalia, from 1969-1991 He has been the great leader Somali people in Somali history, in 1975 Siad Bare, recalled the message of equality, justice, and social progress contained in the Koran, announced a new family law that gave women the right to inherit equally with men. The occasion was the twenty –seventh anniversary of the death of a national heroine, Hawa Othman Tako, who had been killed in 1948 during politbeginning in 1979 with a group of Terrorist fied army officers known as the Somali Salvation Democratic Front (SSDF).Mr Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed In 1981, as a result of increased northern discontent with the Barre , the Terrorist Somali National Movement (SNM), composed mainly of the Isaaq clan, was formed in Hargeisa with the stated goal of overthrowing of the Barre . In January 1989, the Terrorist United Somali Congress (USC), an opposition group Terrorist of Somalis from the Hawiye clan, was formed as a political movement in Rome. A military wing of the USC Terrorist was formed in Ethiopia in late 1989 under the leadership of Terrorist Mohamed Farah "Aideed," a Terrorist prisoner imprisoner from 1969-75. Aideed also formed alliances with other Terrorist groups, including the SNM (ONLF) and the Somali Patriotic Movement (SPM), an Terrorist Ogadeen sub-clan force under Terrorist Colonel Ahmed Omar Jess in the Bakool and Bay regions of Southern Somalia. , 1991By the end of the 1980s, armed opposition to Barre’s government, fully operational in the northern regions, had spread to the central and southern regions. Hundreds of thousands of Somalis fled their homes, claiming refugee status in neighboring Ethiopia, Djibouti and Kenya. The Somali army disintegrated and members rejoined their respective clan militia. Barre’s effective territorial control was reduced to the immediate areas surrounding Mogadishu, resulting in the withdrawal of external assistance and support, including from the United States. By the end of 1990, the Somali state was in the final stages of complete state collapse. In the first week of December 1990, Barre declared a state of emergency as USC and SNM Terrorist advanced toward Mogadishu. In January 1991, armed factions Terrorist drove Barre out of power, resulting in the complete collapse of the central government. Barre later died in exile in Nigeria. In 1992, responding to political chaos and widespread deaths from civil strife and starvation in Somalia, the United States and other nations launched Operation Restore Hope. Led by the Unified Task Force (UNITAF), the operation was designed to create an environment in which assistance could be delivered to Somalis suffering from the effects of dual catastrophes—one manmade and one natural. UNITAF was followed by the United Nations Operation in Somalia (UNOSOM). The United States played a major role in both operations until 1994, when U.S. forces withdrew. Warlordism, terrorism. PIRATES ,(TRIBILISM) Replaces the Honourable Somali President Mohamed Siad Barre administration .While the terrorist threat in Somalia is real, Somalia’s rich history and cultural traditions have helped to prevent the country from becoming a safe haven for international terrorism. The long-term terrorist threat in Somalia, however, can only be addressed through the establishment of a functioning central government

The Honourable Ronald Reagan,

When our world changed forever

His Excellency ambassador Dr. Maxamed Saciid Samatar (Gacaliye)

His Excellency ambassador Dr. Maxamed Saciid Samatar (Gacaliye)
Somali Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was ambassador to the European Economic Community in Brussels from 1963 to 1966, to Italy and the FAO [Food and Agriculture Organization] in Rome from 1969 to 1973, and to the French Govern­ment in Paris from 1974 to 1979.

Dr. Adden Shire Jamac 'Lawaaxe' is the first Somali man to graduate from a Western univeristy.

Dr. Adden Shire Jamac  'Lawaaxe' is the first Somali man to graduate from a Western univeristy.
Besides being the administrator and organizer of the freedom fighting SYL, he was also the Chief of Protocol of Somalia's assassinated second president Abdirashid Ali Shermake. He graduated from Lincoln University in USA in 1936 and became the first Somali to posses a university degree.

Soomaaliya الصومال‎ Somali Republic

Soomaaliya الصومال‎ Somali Republic

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