A Darwiish warrior and Mole who as a pretend Secessionist spoke to the entire leadership of the Secessionist enclave from President Siilaanyo downwards to the Interior Minister, Defence Minister, Chief of the Army and some other Secessionist leaders such as Ina Kaahin Spy Chief and former SNM rebel and last but not least the mad Faysal Ali Waraabe has in the past few days released secret tapes with the above mentioned individuals.

He found out how the secessionist plan to attack Cayn region, the ministers send to Lasanod and how their trustworthiness was in question alleging that most were new 'Somaliland' recruits who recently 'switched over' and thus not trustworthy. They mentioned Dawdar and others who they also described as extreme Religious individuals linked to 'radicals' and the mission they were in Lasanaod for.

They said Siilaanyo had replaced the ones who were with the 'cause' for the past 20 years with some individuals who only recently changed over. They slashed Xaabsade in particular, the Information Minister as being untrustworthy to the highest degree.

Furthermore the militia in Sool need to be constantly 'bribed' Ina Kaahin remarked 'as you know if we do not give them money they will immediately go over to the opposite side' and 'then wage war against us'.

Nuux Taani Somaliland's Chief of the Army revealed how scared they are but later on he says that 'Now everything is not as difficult and hopeless as before, there are no attacks expected from Tukaraq and some of the SSC have switched over'.

He emphasised that Kayse's switch over to them and who is in Burco 'now' but heading towards Hargaysa has 'significantly reduced the Buuhoodle and Cayn freedom fighter's capabilities' and that 'they have become weak as thereof' and 'therefore expect to be invaded anytime by us'. On the question if the troops are being considered to be send back he reclaimed 'that they will be not going back only further into Cayn region until we capture Buuhoodle'.

This is interesting as the last couple of days the Secessionists were preparing for a last and final push towards Buuhoodle but Puntland at the same time said 'that they will be defending Buuhoodle and Cayn, if attacked by the Secessionist'.

It seems with Keyse coming over to them they have regained more confidence in actually capturing Buuhoodle this time around.

It's long the tapes that is and you need to listen to it to yourself but the funniest part is the Darwiish Mole saying to the Secessionist Army Commander that he has spoken with some 'men' who belonged 'to the clan' and 'are part of the armed forces of Djibouti, who provided him with satellite photograph's of Ahmed Karaash's men and troops and their whereabouts' by which the Secessionist Army Commander replied 'Yes it's how you told it, indeed they were at the spot you told us'.

That Darwiish guy has given us insights how the secessionist leadership from President down to Chief of the Army speak to everyone and give away sensitive information without any regard to whom they're speaking to and this shows us how the unprofessional secessionist decision makers under Siilaanyo operate and their incompetent ways of not giving away your own secrets.